miércoles, mayo 4

Summer went out... but Autumn isn't coming yet.

Absolutely not.

A year ago I was... different. I mean, I was totally a different person of who I am now; I do not know if it's because I'm going to be adult -legal person in my country-, or whatever, but I changed. I was the common crazy teenager in love of who I could not be with. I was not that crazy girl, but it was different. I was the typical teenager who liked to hang out but I didn't have with to. Maybe that's why I always loved to read. But you know what? Everything change...

This is like...

Simba is right, change is not easy. But Simba, changes are not impossibles, everything HAS to change; in some time it has to change: it can change your look style, your likes, your bedroom, your taste of music, even your feelings can change.

But Simba is totally right, change is not easy, agree. End.

Ohhh, and my reading taste hasn't changed. I could never changed the way I read. I love reading.

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samecookiesdifferent dijo...

awwww love it :D
xx the cookies
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