jueves, noviembre 11

Being like Damon is being Katherine?

Damon Salvatore, the oldest brother of the Salvatore family. He lives in Mystic Falls in his mansion with his young brother Stefan who is in love with Elena Gilbert. Elena is the same, phisicly, to Katherine... Damon and Stefan, when they were human -yes they're vampires- dated Katherina, even if she was a vampire and had a chance with the both of them drinking blood or having fun. Well... Damon has so much things to put the good point, his sarcasm is the best of all.

Damon's philosophy:
  • Have fun with girls... soo much girls
  • Drink blood, but when he couldn't, he used to drink whisky
  • Kill people who dont like him at all
  • The best of everything, being like a rock, not feelings, and the best of the best: not falling in love with somebody.

Well, Katherina Petrova involved Damon to be like this... Not directly, but she did it. I remember when I first time saw Damon. Sooo hot, sexy, shirtless and delicious Salvatore brother... And the best, he was single. Until he knows Elena. But whatever, I like of him the capacity to fuck up everything o just screw lifes.
I wanna be like that, not care at all, just me ¡, myself and I.

  • Have fun with boys... soo much boys (?)
  • I drink my own blood when i cut myself so... LOL Just kidding, I like alcohol.
  • I cant kill... but i can truly kill with my feelings to another person, even the look of my eyes, that control everything.
  • And the best of all... I WILL NOT FALL IN LOVE AGAIN.

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