domingo, octubre 31

Hanging up at the hospital u.u

Tell me... Do you serious love me?
I'm starting to think you're just WITH her and making me jealous of it... I don't know.
Maybe if I should run to your arms and kiss your delicious lips would kill me... Kill me just to make me an other person, the other side of me that I haven't even known... The side of me that is the THING that I don't even exists. That part of me is starting to cross the line between life and death -guess who is behind of it- and dont pretend I like at all. This could be the end, isn't?

I don't even know what I'm gonna do with my fucking feelings for you... She's yours and you belong she. What am I there? The other? The other who you think when she's not there?
I really love you, honey, but this thing is killing me every day, every night... And the 3 in the fucking morning is insane, I only dream nightmares and I only think of you with me... AND THAT HURTS!!!

I only want to get a little fun hanging out with some lovers there... They don't want to get a real relationship so...

And the tittle, yes, I'm at the hospital... Not for you, honey, just because today's H A L L O W E E N and I did to myself a diabetic coma with too much candies.

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